Viewpoint Leadership provides learning, training and development solutions through the delivery of programs, courses and training sessions. The company is1 of 60 global training partners with Multi-Health Systems and provide certification training for use of the EQ-I 2.0 and EQ 360 assessment tools. 

Jobs in Education is an employment job board bringing together employers and candidates who are seeking a career within the education sector. The company works towards two bottom lines: profit + social impact. Clients include school boards, private schools, colleges and universities. 

Our Next Generation and their development is a key area of interest. Through the development of workshops, books and learning kits, the hope is to raise potential and inspire the next generation to be empowered and resilient. 

Impact is at the core of each business, initiative and project. To date, impact includes building 3 schools and a teachers college, delivering over 250 backpacks and supplies, supporting 120 scholarships and 5 soccer tournaments, funding 2 full year breakfast programs and 52 uniforms and textbooks for orphans in all parts of our world. This is just the beginning.